What's New?

What Has Changed?

  • The terms "Study Guide" and "Text Overview" have both been replaced with the term "Homework."
  • The term "Final Exam" has been replaced with the term "Test."
  • The test will not be the same as the homework. The test is comprised of 2/3 homework based questions and 1/3 classroom instruction based questions.
  • The student's blank homework assignment is downloaded from the student portal after registering for each class.
  • Completed homework is submitted online through the student portal. Students will have an online ID and password with which they can login to submit homework as well as check their grades.
  • Homework assignments and grades are no longer emailed to or from the TSOM staff members.
  • There is now a registration deadline. Students must be registered for their level and their class before 11:59pm on the Friday one week before class. You cannot register after this point and no homework will be accepted through the student portal after the deadline.
  • Questions on the homework will require more critical thinking and may ask that you respond in your own words or summarize larger points from the book. Simply copying passages from the book word-for-word will not be sufficient.