TSOM Internship

For Levels I, II, and III

If you are pursuing credentials with the General Council of the Assemblies of God, you will be required to complete an internship. The following is an overview of the steps you'll take to complete this requirement.

Before You Begin:

  • You must have completed at least 4 courses (through TSOM or other institutions) of the internship level to be eligible to enroll.
  • You will need approximately 3 months to complete the internship. This is not the place to RUSH! Time spent with a mentor learning real life training in ministry is invaluable.
  • You will need a Pastor/Mentor that is an A/G minister at least one level above the level of your internship (obviously, Ordained ministers can mentor the Level III internship).


  1. Enroll for the internship at www.tnschoolofministry.com (through your student portal, just like any other TSOM class). The registration cost is the same as other classes, $60. It is suggested that you offer your mentor/coach an honorarium of $100, to show appreciation of their time. While some mentors/coaches may decline, it is the student's responsibility to offer it.
  2. Download the internship materials (the same as your regular homework).
  3. Email the name of the Pastor/Mentor you would like to use to the TSOM Director at TSOM@tnaog.org . Once approved, fill out the Student/Mentor Covenant, then
  4. Upload the Pastor/Mentor covenant through the website (upload homework).
  5. When all standards have been completed and the forms/reports filled out by both the student AND the mentor, scan and email the signed documents to TSOM (TSOM@tnaog.org), or mail them to:
    TN Ministry Network
    Attn: TSOM
    1402 Stop 30 Rd
    Hendersonville, TN 37075
  6. Internships do not receive a grade, but once reviewed your student portal will reflect "Completed".