Homework Tips

Tips for Completing the Homework

  • Do your best to read the book or the assigned chapters as much as possible. Most students will be working or enrolled in another school or college at the same time they are taking TSOM courses, so extra time is scarce for everyone. However, cramming at the last minute will not be effective or helpful.
  • All the questions on the Homework are based on the book assigned. There is no need to go to any other sources to answer the questions. However, simply copying the answers straight from the book will not be enough.
  • The homework questions have been restructured to require the student to think more critically. Some answers may require you to answer in your own words or summarize several points. In these cases, the emphasis for grading is not on your grammar or writing skills, but on your ability to present your understanding of important topics.
  • Homework is typically comprised of 50 questions. Be sure to read each one carefully as they may require different types of answers. For example, some may require a phrase, a sentence, a list, or a paragraph.
  • Since the homework is longer and more involved than the test, allow yourself multiple interactions with it. For example, after you have answered all the questions, check over your answers again the next day to see if you made any errors.