First Time at TSOM?

Orientation for First Time Students


  • Register for classes online by clicking the register/login link, selecting the level you will be taking, and paying the $25 registration fee for your level.
  • Once you are registered, click the classes link and locate the course you are ready to take.
  • Pay the $60 registration fee for the course.
  • Course registration deadline is 11:59 the Friday prior to the class date.
  • After paying for your class, click the download homework link. You will need to complete this homework before 11:59pm on the Wednesday preceding class. This is a firm due date for the homework.
  • After downloading your homework, click the buy textbook link under the class you are enrolled in. You will be taken to the book you need to buy for the course.
  • As long as you have the correct book and the correct edition, you may purchase the book anywhere you choose. (see the course listings to confirm the edition number or the ISBN number)
  • Once you have registered, paid both the registration fee and the class fee, downloaded your homework, and secured a copy of the course book, you are all set to begin preparing for class!

Preparing for class

  • When turning in your homework, be sure to type your answers into the document you are turning in. (If you feel more comfortable writing on a printed copy first and then copying your answers into the digital document to turn in, that is fine. Be sure to allow yourself the extra time required for this additional step)
  • Click here for tips on completing the homework.
  • Once you have completed the homework, login to your student portal and submit the homework into the dropbox. Your graded homework will be returned to you when you arrive for class.
  • Once you have submitted your homework, you are now ready to attend class.

Class Time

  • Classes will be held as Hybrid some classes will be in person, and some online only.
  • On the months we have in person class Orientation begins at 6:00 pm on the first Friday of the month. During orientation there will be greetings, instructions, and a short devotion.
  • On the months we have online class ordination will begin at 8:30 am on the first Saturday of the month.
  • During class, be sure to listen, take notes, and if something is unclear, ask questions. After class instruction concludes on Saturday, you will take a short test. This test will comprise 60% of your final grade for the course (the other 40% will be comprised of your homework grade.)
  • 1/3 of your test will be based on classroom instruction. In other words, your test does not cover the exact same questions as your homework, so be sure to engage with the instructor and his/her teaching.
  • Click here for tips on completing the test.

After Class

  • After class, please allow one week for grading and processing after which you will be able to check your grades through your student portal.
  • For those seeking ministerial credentials, please click here for more information on the extra steps required.
Class Time