Why Join TSOM

The Tennessee School of Ministry

Leadership Development

TSOM is sponsored by the TN Ministry Network. It serves to teach and train leaders for ministry. For those pursuing credentials with the Assemblies of God, it meets General Council education requirements.

Home and Classroom Study

TSOM uniquely combines home study, classroom instruction, the student’s relationship with a mentor, and active involvement in ministry to set their ministerial formation.

Cost Effective

TSOM seeks to provide the student with the highest quality instruction and resources possible in a practical and cost effective way. With tuition of only $60 per course, TSOM is an affordable choice for training, continuing education, or investing in a church staff.

Spiritual Development

TSOM gives educational direction, sets an atmosphere for the impartation of spirit, and guides the student's spiritual development to equip them for effective leadership and ministry in the local church.

Upcoming Classes

Upcoming Classes for Levels 1, 2, and 3

LEVEL 1January 5-6

A Spirit-Empowered Church

Text Book:
A Spirit Empowered Church
Alton Garrison (2015)
ISBN 978-1681540016


Bruce Headley

LEVEL 2January 5-6

Theology of Missions

Text Book:
Missions in the Age of the Spirit
John York – January 2000
ISBN 978-0882434643


Ray Talley